Be a part of the First Featured Maker Faire in Poland!!

Maker Faire Warsaw will host more than 200 projects, live demos and a wide range of workshops focused on the creativity, innovation and groundbreaking technologies such as Robotics, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Digital Fabrication, Computer Vision, Internet of Things, Drones and many more.

Some of these tech applications and fields are already changing our daily lives, and others will start to do it so in a very short time. Now it is time to make them accessible for everyone!

We invite you to submit your project and to extend this invitation to everyone that has an interesting project to share. If you are in Warsaw on June 12th, 2021 and you would like to be one of the Makers please submit your projects now! 

This is an amazing opportunity to share your passion and energy with the community and other makers like you! April 12th, 2021 is the final date to submit your project!

Explore the links below to know more about applying as a Maker and the application process. If you have more questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Maker Faire Warsaw team directly

Maker Faire Warsaw FAQs

I haven’t heard from Maker Faire Warsaw. Am I missing messages?

You should have received a confirmation of your exhibit application submission. If not, check your spam or junk folder; if you find it there, make sure to add to your contacts to make sure you get future messages. If you still don’t find any confirmation of your original submission or any subsequent messages, contact us on the same email.

How do I calculate my electrical needs?

  • Voltage: In Poland, normal house and building power is 220 volts.
  • Amperage: After you determine the voltage you require, we need to know how many amps you will be using at that voltage. If an item only lists watts and not amps, you can quickly convert watts to amps by dividing the watts by volts (Watts / Volts = Amps.) – Examples: A 500-watt light bulb requires approximately a 2.2A (A=amps) on a 220V circuit: 500/220= 2.2.
  • Here’s a list of average amperage for common Maker Faire Warsaw items:
    • Laptop ~2A,
    • Sewing Machine ~0.6A,
    • Lights ~0.3A-2A,
    • 3D Printer ~10-20A,
    • Arduino ~0.1A.

Can I bring my e-ticket on my phone or tablet?

A printout is not required, we scan your entry pass on your phone or tablet.

Can I visit the site ahead of time?

You sure can! Before Maker Faire Warsaw, you will meet us on the same location during the Makers Dinner. More info will arrive soon.

How do I change a name on a Maker Entry Pass?

The name on the ticket does not have to match the name of your assistant. If you’ve already sent the e-ticket to your previous helper, ask him/her to forward it to your new assistant. It can only be used once. You do not need to notify us of the change.

What’s the weather like?

The average temperature in Warsaw this time of year is 20° C, but it can get chilly in the morning and at night. Pack with layers in mind. Bring a jacket and a hat and wear comfortable shoes. Also, it’s bring rain gear just in case!

How else can I participate?

We welcome volunteers. Maker Faire Warsaw Volunteering Program allows you to make a valuable contribution to the success of Maker Faire Warsaw and better understand the Maker Movement. Qualified volunteers receive a free one-day ticket to Maker Faire. Get more info about Maker Faire Warsaw Volunteering Program.