Volunteering is a great way to enjoy Maker Faire Warsaw!

Fantastic volunteers like you ensure that all makers – whether visiting or exhibiting – are informed and engaged while they learn and discover new things.

It’s a wonderful chance to meet the awesome Makers, socialize with them, learn new skills from our team and make a difference for the Maker Community!

There are two kinds of volunteering opportunities at Maker Faire Warsaw, long term volunteering (3 to 6 months before the event day) and short term (on the day of the event as well as for setup and Makers dinner one day before).

Remember that you can always start right now by telling your friends and everyone who might be interested, we’ll need a lot of help. Thanks!

For more info read the FAQs below the registration form.

Maker Faire Warsaw Volunteers FAQs

How do I know if I was accepted as a volunteer?

You will receive an email to make an interview with you first and then another one after to confirm your acceptance. For the long term volunteers, it will be maximum by the end of Dec. 2020 and for the short term it will be by the end of Apr. 2021.

How old do I have to be to volunteer for Maker Faire Warsaw?

You must be at least 15 years old to volunteer at Maker Faire.

What if I want to attend the Faire and volunteer at the same time?

There are many people who do! When you come to enjoy the Faire before you shift, you will check in at the desk and confirm your shift and your promise to return and then you are escorted into the Faire. We then expect you to return for your shift.

I bought a ticket before getting accepted as volunteer, can I give my tickets to someone else?

Absolutely, someone should use them!

I am part of a large group that wants to help, do we all have to sign up?

That’s great! We love groups coming together. EVERYONE in your group will need to complete the sign up form. Please also send us an email with all the names of the group to makerfaire@robisz.to

I applied as a short term volunteer, will I get more information about my position and being onsite?

YES! The details are moving all the time, but you will get the volunteer and/or position overview at least 1 week before the Faire.

How many attendees are expected to come?

Maker Faire Warsaw is expected to draw over 7500 people to see a wide variety of maker exhibits, workshops, and engage in other cool presentations.

I might need an accommodation to be able to help Maker Faire Warsaw, is it possible to help me with this?

Please send us an email makerfaire@robisz.to and we will try to figure it out for you.

Will I work the whole duration of the event?

Most probably no, maximum duration for volunteering shift will be 4 hrs per day.

Will there be training for volunteers before the event?

All the volunteers will be attending some training sessions 2 weeks before the event to be trained on how the event flow will be, what are their positions and which team they will join.

Would you please give me an example about long term volunteer duties?

  • Social media content creating and posts sharing.
  • Helping maker hunter in sorting the makers and sending emails.
  • Helping in the logistics of the location before the event.
  • Accompanying the VIP and the speakers when they will come.

Would you please give me an example about short term volunteer duties?

  • Be in your location for the duration of the shift.
  • Represent Maker Faire with a positive, can-do attitude and support in managing info booths.
  • Work well with guests and/or team members throughout the shift.
    Lift ~10 Kgs.
  • Support in managing stages and time table, making sure that all the speakers are on time and the schedule is fine.
  • Making sure that the attendees are following the rules of the event .
  • Helping in some workshops and hands on activities.
  • Supporting in organising the Makers dinner one day before the event.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have more questions, please email makerfaire@robisz.to